Hazy days



Sometimes your body just doesn’t want to co-operate.

This week I have had this bizarre issue where my eyes just don’t want to open in the morning. And I don’t mean due to “sleep dust” or allergies, but the muscles that operate my eyelids are not playing ball.

They were okay when walking around and okay when looking down, and okay with dark rooms.

After two days of struggling, I put my glasses on yesterday afternoon and the problem lessened a little. I’ve also been sleeping a lot more, and I think a lot of it is due to the recent flu virus, and that my body always struggles to “bounce back” from illness more than the average person.

I have a bit of photophobia anyway (no, not scared of light, but sensitive to it), but it has increased dramatically with this.

Then this morning, the problem has lessened significantly, so I think just rest has been needed. I’m hoping tomorrow they’ll be even more back to normal.  And if not, then the 8am wait on the phone to the Dr may happen. When I had the flu, I didn’t get through to anyone at all.



Occasionally it is concerning, but I’ve become pretty used to getting weird health problems over the last 12 years. I’ve had strange, strange issues from random rare infections to a nerve inflammation in the brain to skin cancers removed.

And amusingly, I had just started taking immune boosters before this, which the ex-neurologist dude in my office says may have exacerbated it, as apparently sometimes muscle weakness happens when your immune system attacks your own body tissues (not that I think I have full-blown or severe Myasthenia Gravis, but it’s a similarish thing).

I’ve had everything from “oh, your glasses are cute!” to “wow, you look tired“, so the glasses-in-the-office experiment has been a so-so one!

And one of these days, I’ll just trade my body in for a new one and become a cyborg.



Coming soon:  Sarah Slean gig report (finally! videos going up), recent work developments, being a shift widow, and Shop My Closet.  I have a lot of drafts at the moment!





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