Watching:  How ridiculous is this season of The Bachelor? Yikes.  Why do the women get so involved in who is fake and who is not?  I mean, honestly, if the guy can’t see through it and picks that horrible person, you don’t want him anyway.  I guess these women don’t have the healthiest view on relationships…

Also, Nashville just got so damn good. Watch that.

Thinking about:  How I feel smaller.  In that picture above I look a bit smaller! I feel less bloated and uncomfortable with myself, but generally my clothes aren’t any looser, and I’m no lighter on the scale.  But the feeling is better.  So that’s something.  I took a hit to my portion sizes and stopped eating after 7pm (though lately I’ve been partial to tea and toast!) and it’s a good start before I go back to the gym.  I’ve written up a new gym plan and need to try and stick to it for at least 4 weeks.  It’s too easy to get discouraged.  I also have just been informed that a Hen Do I’m going on in April will have some need for a swimsuit and yikes.  That’s incentive right there.

Reading:  I’m going to go a bit “low brow” here and recommend a couple of excellent Tumblrs that are making me laugh at the moment.  I still thoroughly enjoy Animals Talking in All Caps, and White Whine will put your life in perspective.  Google Street Scene is also pretty impressive, with film scenes put into the context of Google Street view.

Celebrating:  Everything.  Lately almost everything in my life is working and I want to hold onto that as long as I can.

Making me happy:  I love my hair.  I wasn’t sure I would.  But since this latest dye job, it’s a really great colour and I’m enjoying being a redhead.  That and I’ve been called Merida and Ariel lately. Hee.


I hope everything is working out for you and yours, too.



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