One of those days.



Yesterday was “one of those days”. And for once, I mean that in a positive way.

I interviewed for a promotion in the morning, and it finished early. So I then got on a bus and went to the mall, and bought myself a pretty blouse, and a pretty bolero jacket for the grand total of £26.

Following that success, I picked up some much-needed toiletries in Boots, and also treated myself to a new mascara (Benefit’s “Yes, they’re real!” – verdict to come) and some nail stickers. Isn’t it funny how something like new makeup can excite you?

And then I went to Starbucks and got my coffee and a bagel and sat by the window looking out at the shoppers and felt pretty relaxed about the world, really.



Following this, I went into work (only had the morning off), and discovered a Groupon order I made yonks ago finally arrived (a garment steamer… ooh…) and so had my new iPad keyboard! Which I am typing this on. Very enthusiastically.  Click click click.

I then completed some mundane tasks, headed downstairs to do some training, and then Dave picked up our car which was finally fixed (for a cheaper price than we thought! Still a lot of money, but…) and picked me up from work. I then had a bath drinking my favourite cider and listening to country music, Dave served up some delicious homemade leek and potato soup for dinner, and then after cleaning up a little, I got into bed with a cup of peppermint tea and watched some cheesy television, loading some new running music onto my iPhone.

D came home and we finished off the day by watching Archer episodes until we were too sleepy.

Add to this the fact that I am currently feeling so much better and all in all, it was one of those just damn good days.

Not bad, not bad at all.  Things are well and truly working so far, February. Keep it up.


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