30 memories, 5 years


my lovely


1.  Meeting him on the steps of Wellywood House, baubles hanging from his ears, tinsel around his neck.  I was swearing madly at Andy while wearing a pretty pink dress.

2.  Falling asleep on his shoulder later that night/early the next morning.


before I made him cut his hair!


3.  Seeing him again a month later and meeting for drinks with Andy.  Kissing him and seeing him smile.  Asking him to be patient while I sorted out my feelings for another, and him just… agreeing.  [Photo above from that very night! Lookit that floppy hair!]

4.  Our first dinner date at an Italian restaurant where I talked incessantly and he nodded patiently.



5.  Saying we loved each other on the balcony at Molly Malone’s on St. Patrick’s Day.  Yes.  We probably had this paint on our face at the time.



6.  Meeting my family for the first time at Easter lunch.



7.  Sitting up at Mt. Victoria lookout talking about what we would do after he left.



8.  Months of long-distance Skyping and falling asleep together (or halfway through talking, such as the above!).



9.  Finally seeing him again in September 2008, after 4.5 months apart.  We met at Heathrow, after I went completely the wrong way at the airport!  Spending time in London together…



10.  Meeting friends in London together.




11.  My first visit to Scotland/meeting his family.


Dave at Urquhart Castle

12.  Travels to Inverness and cruising on Loch Ness.



13. Saying goodbye again but planning to move.

14. “How is it stealing a kiss when they all belong to you anyway?”


Visa stuff

15. Moving in with Mum and Dad while saving and preparing for my visa.



16.  Receiving my visa super early and booking flights!  [See geeky video above, if it works…]


Our first dinner together


17. After 6 months apart, arriving a day early to surprise him and being collected by Ann.  I’ll never forget Dave’s face as he came in the door from work to find me on the couch!



18.  Finding our first (super tiny) home together!

19.  Waking up every day together.



20.  Travelling to Canada for Will and Megan’s wedding and then spending time in Seattle together.



21.  My first ever super snowy, white winter and Christmas.



22.  Permanent job for me, contract for D…



23.  Home to New Zealand for my brother’s wedding.



24.  Losing our prospective jobs but supporting each other; toughing it out.



25.  Moving into our 2nd (and current) home together.

26.  Spending all of our nights at the movies, as that’s all we can afford.



27.  Our first Europe trip to Barcelona together [gratefully subsidised by Dave’s mother].



28.  Getting the car and an even more mobile life!



29.  Dave is officially sworn in as a Constable.



30.   And our life of shift patterns/sleeping/spending lots of evenings and mornings just cosied up together begins.

Happy 5th Anniversary, baby.  Here’s to many more years.


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