Watching:  I’ve recently started watching Archer, a very dry comedic cartoon filled with filthy language and inappropriate behaviour and set at a government agency.  Well worth it.  Because of this I have rediscovered my love for Sealab 2021, an absurd and highly amusing re-imagining of the short-lived Hanna Barbera environmental cartoon Sealab 2020.  Both worth a watch.  And then, of course, I’m still obsessed with Parenthood

Thinking about:  Routine.   I love routine.  I don’t place much stock in Astrology, but Taureans are sticklers for routine and order, and I think I’m happiest when I have structure in my life.  At the moment, this is all up in the air, as getting to and from work this week is a struggle. Yes, it’s only day 2 of the week, but walking 2.5 miles this morning before I was properly awake totally sucked and has shown me just how reliant I have become on my car.  I can’t wait to have it back.  Then I can go to work and drive to my gym for the workout I want to have, not have one forced on me first thing in the morning when I am in my work clothes.

Reading:  My favourite blogs right now are Bleubird, Nat the Fat Rat as always, Oh Sarah Rose and Hungry and Frozen. Check ’em out.

Celebrating:  Our five year anniversary is tomorrow, and I shall post a suitably soppy entry.  Check back in the morning.

Making me happy:  Planning new music ventures – to be announced very soon!



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