Oh gosh.  How many times have I written a “I’m going to get fit!” post on this blog?



Don’t worry, I find myself intolerable sometimes, too.

I really hate my belly and such, and I generally only like my face, arms, calves… and that’s about it.  Some of this is bound to be tied up in self esteem rather than a general overall fattiness, but I just feel… big.

So I’m running and cycling** and generally lifting weights and such.  I haven’t really eaten carbs in quite a while, but have allowed myself to slip a little on dairy and sweet things, etc, so I need to be back to behaving myself again.  I’m trying to make breakfast smoothies and drink water and not focus too much on my weight but rather my measurements, etc.  So we’ll just have to wait and see.



I remember reaching the 4 week point last time and feeling that suddenly things were working, and this has always been the point I aim for, so I’m going to check in on it again towards the end of Feb.  I was kinda shocked by my weight recently, so it has given me a kick up the ass.

I am so, so slow, though. I can cycle like a champ, but my running speed is super slow, and I’m feeling like my childhood asthma is rearing its ugly head again.  I pushed myself to run really fast for the last part of my run last night, and geez. I felt like I was going to die.

I love weight-lifting, though. It’s weird, but I get satisfaction out of working my arms and legs with dumbbells, etc.

Cardio can suck it.


Much thinner days, obviously.

Much thinner days, obviously.


One thing that does make working out tolerable, though, is the technology I can use to keep track.  I now have a heart monitor*** and use the apps Runkeeper and Fitocracy, as well as my latest adoption, Nike+ Running.  I can walk and cycle and track these with Runkeeper, and Run with Nike+ and then open Fitocracy to import those activities and add my weight training to get points! Bing bing power-up!

And I’m slowly coming around to the idea that all of this isn’t just for a “fix” but a lifestyle change, and that exercise just has to be a part of my life and general well-being.  I’ve known this for many many years, and said this to many friends, and know it’s the way forward and now I just need to freaking suck it up.

I ain’t so young any more.  It’s only going to get harder after 30!



Coming soon:  anniversary gushing, Sarah Slean gig report (need to put up my vids and photos!).








*the adorable “team name”/term coined on Twitter for those of us getting in the fitness game for 2013.

**both at the gym, on equipment…

***bought for Dave, didn’t work for him, shamelessly pilfered.

One thought on “Bufty*

  1. Team Bufty, that’s cute!

    Good on you for taking stock of where you are and making a plan to smash it (and feel better about yourself!). Sounds like you have some great reasons to keep at it too.

    Looking forward to the friendly Nike+ competition too (I need to get on to Fitocracy and get my head around that one, sounds fun!).

    Also…have you heard of gympact? Could be worth it for a bit of extra motivation – I am thinking of using that myself!

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