I Have Learned: Winter edition.



I have learned, over the last four winters…

…it is possible to freeze the inside of your windscreen and need to scrape it!

…to be very, very afraid of manhole covers (they look safe to walk on! they’re not!)

…to keep wellies in the boot of my car.

…to brake slowwwwwly.

…that horizontal snow is just as fun as horizontal rain.

…that even if it’s snowing heavily for hours (like today!), it won’t stay on the ground unless it’s cold enough (boo).

…that London Heathrow can’t cope with 1 inch of snow.

…that no matter how many photos or videos you take on your phone, it’s super hard to capture falling snow!

…to keep my car door shut when using wipers/jacket arms to clear snow (oops).

…to wear the warmest hat you can find, even if it’s a silly one with cat ears.

…to allllways check out the window before you get dressed.

…that watching snow fall is so much more fun than doing any work!


…that I will never get tired of snow.





Coming soon:  weighty issues, anniversary-related soppiness, Sarah Slean report.

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