One blog I really enjoy is Danielle’s Sometimes Sweet where she regularly posts a “Currently” post.  I’ve always enjoyed these, and she has inspired many to write their own, and I’m jumping on the bandwagon (as I am wont to do).


sunset the other morn


Watching:  Many, many things.  I love this time of year when new shows begin, old shows are back from hiatus, and silly reality shows run rampant.  I am always watching a lot of shows at once, but my favourites right now are Doctor Who (yes, I’m catching up on this), Nashville, New Girl, 90s classic NewsRadio, season 3 of Parenthood, new Portlandia, The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser.  Yes, they’re alphabetical because I just looked up my tracking list in Sidereel!  I’m also partial to a little Honey Boo Boo, though Dave shouting at the screen is often more amusing than the show itself.

Thinking about:  Our poor car.  I’ve mentioned this before, but we need our gearbox fixed or replaced, and the quotes have ranged from £740 to well over £1000.  Sure the £740 would be awesome, but that’s a minimum based on work required, rather than one garage competing against another.  Our money is tight but we have enough thanks to family to cover this, and it’s just a matter of scheduling it and crossing our fingers that it doesn’t climb up to £1200 if the clutch is needed.  Car repairs be a bitch.

Reading:  Sadly rather little in terms of books at the moment, I need to get back into reading.  I read a lot of blogs every day, but the books I have picked up to read lately have been old favourites like the Elenium series by David Eddings, or I attempt to continue on with Game of Thrones.  I also have a lot of unfinished-barely-even-started books in my Jewish library.  Oops.

Celebrating:  I am back into my fitness and “good behaviour” diet and am 1lb down.  I am officially at my highest weight ever which is not obese by any means, but I am overweight for my height. Officially.  Being this short is a pain in the ass.

And a pound is a pound! I’m going to celebrate that today.  And that I’ve been good for 3 days now.  I also have been getting up early and weighing in/measuring, as well as sleeping earlier for the last few days, and the world didn’t end, so I’m going to keep doing it.  Obviously when Dave is around it’s a different story, but depending on shifts I can be on my own to hit the hay early.  I’m sacrificing maybe an episode or two of TV a night to feel better in general, and I need to stop being such a baby about that.

Making me happy:  I am so so excited about a concert I am going to on Saturday in Glasgow.  You’ll hear all about that tomorrow as it deserves its own post…




Coming soon:  this weekend’s gig in Glasgow, some thoughts on weight and probably some anniversary-related soppiness (on the 30th we will have had 5 happy years together).


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