Links of the Week


Stuff I enjoyed around the internets so far in 2013 (all open in new tabs/windows)…

103am There is no secret. Too true and a must-read.

Cat teaches baby squirrel to purr. Yup. You read that right.

The statistics of how we spent 2012.

Geeky article about film locations – a fun read!

The 50 Dumbest Tweets of 2012.  Yikes.

I’m not really a sports fan.  But even I enjoyed Deadspin’s favourite sports gifs of the year.

Watching Fireworks in reverse is kinda trippy.

Artist builds new underwater reefs.  They creep me out a little bit.

A great piece on feminism.

The sexual assault in Steubenville has sickened me greatly.  This kind of cover-up just shouldn’t happen.

I was shocked and amazed by the sheer area covered by the fires in Australia.

This tumblr is excellent.  And I had a passing dude try to mansplain how to put water in my car last night. Yeah, I got it.

I may be a massive sook, but the sung wedding speech by the McFly dude made me greet a little.

Cats. In tiny beds. Yes.

25 Handy Words that Don’t Exist in English.  Now look at me with your best mamihlapinatapai face.

I think this probably would be an amazing job.  I think having a proper bikini-ready body would help, though.

If you haven’t read this piece on working with Lindsay Lohan yet, you should. It’s highly entertaining.

I want a Magic Cube.

27 amazing scientific breakthroughs happened in 2012. Who knew?

An emotional and honest account of how many women are assaulted on public transport.

This tap dance to Hava Nagila is pretty awesome.

In case you missed it, the Golden Globes opening monologue = amaze.

Yikes, China.

Wanna go live on Mars?




That should keep you busy for a while!


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