“It’s not your blog, Dave.” – 2012 in film


[Title comes from our discussion!]

Dave and I ended up seeing only 32 films in 2012.  This was mainly because Dave stopped his Cineworld Unlimited card for 3 months while his job was starting (he was away at college), and so we ignored the film schedule for a while.  This did leave us with a small list to choose our favourites and not-so-favourites from.

As with last year, we have divided our thoughts into 3 categories: Worst, Best and Good Fun. The Good Fun movies aren’t winning awards any time soon, but we walked out of the cinema each time with a feeling that we liked the film, but it wasn’t amazing.  Please note there are not a lot of actual reviews here.  It’s a ramble. Live with it.


WORST FILMS (or films we enjoyed the least):

5.  War Horse:
Or as commonly-called, Snore Horse.  Not the most awful film ever, and I’d probably not put it in the worst, but Dave was pretty sure it was one of the worst we saw this year, so there it is. The fact that I can’t remember it in any sort of detail says something, I guess.

4.  21 Jump Street:
Now I seem to recall Dave laughing quite a bit at this, but Dave says “Well, yeah, I laugh at a lot of things.”   I’ve never really understood the interest in Channing Tatum, either.

3.  American Reunion:
We saw this with a certain level of nostalgia for the first film, but it was just… y’know.  Eh.

2. Haywire:
Dave took a good ten minutes explaining to me which movie this was. And then I remembered how much I hated it. Okay, she’s an amazing martial artist, etc.  Give her a shitload more stunt work. Let actors do the acting. It just seemed to go on forever and she was just so very irritating. Blah.

1. Ghost Rider 2:
We didn’t see the whole film. Sure, that was due to a fire alarm, but it was pretty unbelievable.  Oh, Nicholas Cage.  You continue to astound us with your non-moving face and your eyebrows and your insistence on… well, continuing to make movies.

Also ransJ Edgar, not much else.


GOOD FUN (not the best, but enjoyable):

5. Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!:
Wallace and Gromit meets Pirate adventure.  Silly, very British and just good fun.

4. Pitch Perfect:
I saw this twice last year. Once in New Zealand with friends who had seen it already or were otherwise keen, and then again with Dave. Who said, “I laughed. But that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it”.  Aca-scuse me?  Sure, Dave, sure.  Thoroughly enjoyable and full of very attractive people that I would like to get drunk with.

3.  Young Adult:
This is on a lot of Best lists, and while we enjoyed it, we enjoyed other films a lot more, and I think if it hadn’t been written down, I might have actually forgotten about it.  Well-written and with one of the most unlikeable protagonists you’ll ever meet, and strangely compelling, but. We just didn’t like it that much.

2. The Hunger Games:
Yup, call us nuts, but we liked this more. And I’m going to geek out over the next films and read the rest of the books.  Damn straight.  Having a girl-crush on Jennifer Lawrence probably helps this.

1. The Hobbit:
I was really not that interested in seeing this. I mean, 3 films out of a 300-page book? But it works. And is really enjoyable fun.  And will be on our lists for the next two Christmases.

Also-rans: Sightseers, Silver Linings Playbook, Life of Pi, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Chronicle, Wanderlust.

Meh:  Jeff Who Lives at Home, Dark Shadows.


BEST FILMS (enjoyable, well-made, “wow-inducing”):

5.  Headhunters:  This Norwegian film blew us away.  We didn’t know much about it before we went in, but this was funny, shocking and very clever. Well worth seeking out, and hey! It has Jamie Lannister in it. He’s Danish, you know.

4.  The Artist:  I know, I know, it should be higher.  But we loved the other 3 films much more and wanted to mention this because yes, it’s an amazing piece of cinema.

3. Dark Knight Rises:  One of the “marmite” films of 2012, but. We loved it. So there.

2.  Cabin in the Woods:  Joss Whedon kicked ass last year.  This had such an unusual script, excellent monsters, unexpected twists and turns and a great cast. I didn’t think the ending was that strong, but hey, still a firm favourite.

1. Looper:  We loved it, despite an ending that annoyed some, I could relate to the power of it and what he was trying to say.  One to watch again, for sure.

Also-rans: The Avengers, Skyfall, Argo, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Descendants, The Iron Lady, 7 Psychopaths.  Too good for “enjoyable”, not good enough for “Best”.


And that’s it!  This, as always, is opinion, and this year it’s not much deeper than “Did we really like that? I really liked that”.  We had fun, and we’re looking forward to hopefully a great year of films in 2013.




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