Eighteen days, Fifteen tasks



Oh gosh.  So if you know me, you know I am ridiculously ambitious with my time and my plans.  My head is in the clouds most of the time thinking of new things to involve myself in.

My head, however, does not always remember that I had meningitis, that I like to sleep a lot, that I hate going out and that I’m not Wonder Woman.

However!  Our house is a mess, my life is cluttered and I’m broke as hell.  On Friday 21st, I start 18 days of break from work, and I need to start 2013 right.  [Side note: I thought I had 14 days off. I am now bouncing a little after counting 3 times – yup, definitely 18!]

I do, however, want some days of complete and utter slovenly behaviour, hopefully involving candy and bed and movies and Dave.




Eighteen days, Fifteen tasks:

  1. Clean out the cupboard under the stairs
  2. Clean out the shed
  3. Clean surfaces in every room!
  4. Photograph and sell unwanted clothes and shoes of high value
  5. Take unwanted clothes and shoes of lower value to charity
  6. Set up a more permanent music studio and plan 2013 recording schedule
  7. Fix the walls with paint missing/front door letter slot!
  8. Clean kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom cupboards and drawers
  9. Go for some winter walks/photograph Edinburgh in winter
  10. Record 2-3 songs from list
  11. Sort photos and videos on drive/storage
  12. Plan 2013 photo/video project
  13. Sort music library/rehearse for upcoming audition and performances
  14. Finish essay for my Rabbi
  15. Write new fitness/diet plan for 2013

I’ll let you know how I get on.  Do you have ambitious plans?  Do you have a good amount of time off?


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