Bits and pieces.



Gosh, Xmas is close, huh?  We’re up to night 4 of Hanukkah and I have been seriously slack this year (didn’t even buy the correct candles…).

It is strange wandering around and receiving so much positive feedback on my hair, too, when I still don’t like it.  Eesh. I’m in two minds, as I do enjoy being a redhead and even buns and braids are more interesting now, but it’s just not the right shade yet.  What you see above are the ends which are more copper/orange and also under an instagram filter.  In reality my hair is very deep red, with a cherry tinge and it’s just all wrong.  I hate my eyebrows being browny (after powder/pencilling) and my hair being this shade.  I’m going to put a light Auburn through later and see how that gels.



In other news, I finish up with work on the 20th and am super excited about that.  I’ll have two weeks off! I have taken right up to Dave’s birthday as leave (so thankful for the 2013 allocation kicking in!), so am not back until the 8th.  He will be 30! It’s exciting but also strange to imagine us being in our 30s.

I’m going to drive over to Glasgow tomorrow and see one of my old students from the US.  Insane – it has been 9 years since I was first in New York!  Also, I am going to have my cousin William for dinner on Thursday before he heads back to NZ.  He has been a teaching assistant at a private school here for the year.

Saturday I compere the open mic again after my shul’s Hanukkah party in the afternoon and then from Sunday I have no plans until Christmas.

Posts coming soon: 2012 summation and photos, 2013 goals (blah blah always the same!), 2012 movie round-up and a wee ramble about juggling Christmas and Hanukkah (also affectionately known as “Chrismukkah”).


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