Yeah, I couldn’t resist.  I’ve just finished reading the first book in the Game of Thrones series (after Dave read the entire series then started all over again – obsessed!) and loooove the show, so that felt appropriate for this picture of my windscreen this morning.

Winter is not, in fact, coming, but definitely here, with frost biting at the grass and the chore of scraping my car windows becoming a daily process.  We haven’t seen any snow yet, but have had plenty of cool mornings and winter sun.

Winter marketsLast night Helen and I went to the opening night of the Edinburgh Winter Markets, which is always a highlight of this time of year.  The German market is always heaving with people, but has some really cute stalls, such as the one pictured to my left.  I bought my German colleague a giant heart cookie with “Ich liebe dich”, which I think made her morning.

They’ve also renamed the rest of the market area as the “Highland Market”, which has the usual mulled wine, steak and donut stalls, as well as the giant snow globe (you can get a picture inside!), stores with hats and jumpers, and ferris wheel/helter skelter.  Down below in the gardens are the rides and ice rink but we didn’t get down there this time, instead just enjoying some mulled wine, and shared a steak roll with some chips and curry.

Well worth going outside on a cold night for!  And the honey spiced mulled wine is a must try!  (Might make my own…)


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