20120902-225038.jpg Oh gosh I’m posting again. But I got forgot to mention my plan!

As I said in my post below, September is a month for me to relax and recoup. But it’s also marking a few changes in my life, and a chance to break some bad habits. I want to relax, but also be productive before October.

I go home to New Zealand on October 5th. So as of tomorrow:

** After months of eating (really) terribly, I am going back to 80-90% Paleo.

** I am getting up half an hour earlier. Ugh. The thought of this makes me feel a bit ill, but I really want to have more time in the morning to prepare for the day and eat some breakfast.

** Back to the gym. At least 3 times a week.

** 2 nights a week writing/tinkering with songs.

** Clothing clean-out. I used to do this every September at home, as it’s Spring come September in NZ, but I’m doing it now anyway. (A post to come on how to be ruthless about this!)

** Cook and bake more. So many Paleo recipes to try, so much baking I want to share at the office! (watch this space as I’ll share soon how to make a NZ treat, lolly cake).

So. Let’s see how this goes. Time will fly by – can’t wait for October!



One thought on “September

  1. I totally need to get back to my paleo lifestyle too – it’s been neglected with the stressful few months we have had. I like the sound of your plan, make sure you spend some time resting and relaxing too – your August sounded in-sane! xx

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