Alright.  So like life, I have a lot to catch up on here.

Theatre is a blast. I love it, it gives me such a thrill and performing is huge to me.

But gosh.  I am glad it’s September.  August is a whirlwind of craziness each year.  This year I agreed to appear in 2 Fringe shows, and while I loved doing both, it was just plain exhausting. Everything else in my life ended up being neglected, from work to dressmaking class, to.. Dave, unfortunately.  And I knew that September was going to be my chance to breathe.

So I’m breathing.  Work is quiet, I have no evening obligations whatsoever, and plans to return to the gym, start eating paleo again, and write a whole ton of music.

I’ll post a catch-up of my photos (as I’ve still been taking them most days) and some more thoughts, but for now, I’m just checking in.  You see pictures from my 2nd show, Sweet Talking Guy, here.

Hello. You’re so pretty.



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