Links of the week*


*Well. Of the last few weeks!

Stuff I enjoyed around the internets (all open in new tabs/windows)…

An awesome A-Z of Unusual words with illustrations.

My friend Leah started an awesome new wellness blog.

Do you knit jumpers for your kitten?

A legal break-down of Jay-Z’s infamous “99 Problems”.

Melinda Gates pledges $560,000,000 for contraception, because she is bad-ass.

Would you want to travel in a capsule seat? For me, lying down on a plane is amazing, and despite my claustrophobia, this would totally work for me. I wonder about meals, though…

I’m in this Fringe show, opening 6th August…

A comedian live-tweets an epic domestic on a Virgin Train,

I thought Nat‘s Disney Baby piece on caring for chubby babies was adorable, and it made my ovaries hurt.

Most of my evenings for over a week were spent obsessively watching the Puppy Cam and giggling. Those little cuties are going to assist soldiers with PTSD when they grow up.

Not sure if this is real, but it’s amazing… (don’t open at work):

If you missed Robert Downey Jr’s adorable entrance to ComiCon, you need to see it.

And a great article for Twitter newbies.


I had loads more links over the last few weeks but I’ll post some more later in the week!


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