New studio time.


So last night I decided I would bite the bullet and get some new recording gear. 

My biggest issue with getting new music heard is purely the time and frustration I have with equipment, and the last time I had a chance to actually do anything with it that was not unnaturally time-consuming and clunky was… I actually can’t remember.

I have this amazing microphone and a beautiful piano, and it frustrates me that I can’t get these two things plugged into a PC and recording without using 3 different boxes plugged in together and something breaking or clapping out. No wonder it’s been nearly 7 years since I last released an EP to buy. 

There is also of course my exhaustion, and after too many hours of trying, I usually need a big nap!

I’ve got the structure laid out for 1 or 2 EPs to record while Dave is at Police College. Though of course, I have so much rehearsing going on for these Fringe shows, that that’s extremely over-ambitious, so I’m just aiming for 1 to be ready for release by September.  I may go the way of releasing songs one by one, with downloads, but it’s always great to have a physical CD to sell, too.

I’m hugely proud of the gigging I have done in the last year or so, and the future opportunities, but I know my music deserves better than this – it deserves to be heard and downloaded, especially now that I have a whole new fanbase to interact with.

I also really need to get recording a new song** on Saturday so that I can release it ASAP on Monday or Tuesday next week at the latest.

I last bought gear back in 2005 or something, when interfaces and USB connections were new, and I have never had an amazing soundcard system or a big new PC to put it into.  I managed some decent recordings, but these days I have an iPad and use of Dave’s PC (my laptop is really no longer an option for well, life, really).  Without overtaking Dave’s PC all the time, an interface to be plugged into our old backup PC is the only option.  So I ordered one last night that should cut out a lot of the hassle, and it will replace quite a few pieces of kit, which is good because my current mixer has two broken knobs (hee, knobs) which means that the levels for the mic can’t be adjusted without damaging a teaspoon.

So in short, expect tunes from me soon. Demand them. Because I want them out there so damn much and the only thing stopping me is gear and energy. They’re all written and waiting.



**New song In the Dark, written for the Lip Service gig to be released ASAP – debuting it on Sunday!)

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