Links of the Week


Stuff I enjoyed around the internets this week (all open in new tabs/windows).

I upgraded our home to have its own Cloud. Aptly named KAVE, it streams all of our awesome stuff to our computers and devices. I love watching my iPad in the bath.

The bill needed to create the new Police Service of Scotland was passed. Oh, that’s probably only interesting to me.

This guy takes a picture of his colleague every day and photoshops amazing costumes onto him. It’s so well done I genuinely thought he had a very eccentric co-worker…

The always funny @ncguk shared with us the (fictional, obviously) overview for Richard Curtis’ next film.

If you have OCD, don’t look at these pictures. *twitch*

I think this is probably the nicest thing ever to happen in football.  It’s just adorable.

This Batman video made me laugh really hard. Sadly the rest of his videos aren’t as entertaining.

The new immigration laws here in the UK are really worrying.  I particularly feel for this couple, after reading their story.

Time absolutely blasted Chris Brown with a review of his latest album that turned into this excellent opinion piece.

Everyone go contribute (if you can!) to the new film of our friends at MilesTone Film.

This excellent tumblr is well worth a visit.

And what started out as just another flash mob video turned out to be really rather amazing.

And my music Twitter reached an amazing 400 followers on Sunday.  Holy crap, people.  That’s a whole lotta awesome.


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