I used to hate you, Tuesday.  Your pal Monday goes by so quickly, and Wednesday means the week is halfway done.  But Tuesday? you were a cruel reminder of how long there is left to work until the weekend, and you always went sooooo verrrryyyy slowwwwly.

We’re still not best buds. But now you bring a small amount of excitement, as so many things that I’m counting down to are on a Tuesday..


On the Tuesday 2 weeks from now, my lovely man will have his very first day of Police training.

On the Tuesday 4 weeks from now, I get to book my flights home.

On the Tuesday 7 weeks from now, Sweet Talking Guy opens at the Edinburgh Fringe (starring me! come see it!)

On the Tuesday 10 weeks from now, I’ll (hopefully) be in London to confirm my Jewish faith.

And on the Tuesday 17 weeks from now, I’ll have paid half of my debts.


So we’re kinda friends. Each Tuesday brings me closer to my goals and closer to my family. We can enjoy each others’ company for once.

But while I have so much to look forward to, I’m not wishing the time away.  I think this year could be over in a blink.



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