Day 28: money. #febphotoaday #photoadayThis month I began the process of moving more of my finances (read: debt) to the UK.

Thanks to a new line of credit, I’m thrilled to say that I’ve now paid 19.4% of my NZ debt off in one fell swoop, and although the debt itself is not wiped from my life, but is now in the UK, I love that I can regularly pay against it with a simple online transfer, instead of using a service and sending home once a month.

I have a long way to go (obviously paying off the other 80.4%!) but it’s a small step towards getting rid of this rather large anchor that has been weighing me down.  My credit rating in New Zealand must be truly abysmal, as despite how well-prepared I am, sending money home can be a troublesome and arduous process, even with the excellent help of Tranzfers, the company I’ve been using to send money back for the last 3-and-a-bit years (highly recommended!).  Sometimes payments just don’t make it when I plan them to, and I know that is not good for my future, especially if I want to buy a house at some stage in my home country.

But thanks to 13 months of interest-free purchases, it looks like I’ll be able to continue sending this kind of money home to New Zealand for a few more months to pay off the debt there, then spend the next 12 months paying off the UK balance, and not suffer too much for it.  It looks like I’ll be officially (well apart from my usual small overdraft) debt-free by my next birthday!  How liberating.

I’ve also been using this shiny new card to get Dave sorted for police college/training which he starts in just over 2 weeks(!).  I am amazed at how the time has flown, and we are getting excited for his new career.  He now has new running shoes, parade shoes and boots, and receives his uniform on his first day (can’t wait to see him in it!)

And in just over 6 weeks, he will be paid!  Like, a proper, real salary!  It will be 2 weeks shy of 1 year of using my salary (+ his temping work/benefits) to support us.  To celebrate, I have already used the card to get some clothes, some tickets to the Edinburgh Tattoo (it’s the 4th year I’ve been around to see it, and I’m not missing it again!) and a new watch.

We hope to start our travels to Europe next year, and will try and plan a weekend away in Scotland before the end of the year.  I’m thinking we might go camping!

But for now, I must be good. On Friday it will be 13 weeks until I head home, and I’ll be saving my shopping/spending fun until then.  I’ll be very busy for the next 8 weeks with shows, and then suddenly it’ll be nearly time to go home.  I can’t wait to see everyone.



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