Weeks Twenty-Two to Twenty-Five


Because I’m so far behind, I’m going to present each week in a little cluster (click any photo for a better look):

 Week Twenty-Two: Days 148-154:

Neighbour is on the BBQ.Day 25: unusual. Icecream during the work day! #photoadaymay #catchingup #stillDay 26: 12 o'clock. #catchingup #photoadaymay #1230closeenoughBreak in rehearsalsDay 31: something beautiful. North Berwick beach on Saturday. So pretty. #photoadaymay #catchingupCelebratory bubbles in the sun for PC Lawrie who starts training 17th July!Great sky tonight. #nofilterI love lash day.

Haze from my neighbour’s BBQ / Icecream on a warm workday / Shoes / Rehearsals / North Berwick beach / Dave celebrates his official Police acceptance and start date / Pretty sky / SP: Lash day


Week Twenty-Three: Days 155-161:

Dapper.Day 4: up close. Envelope-stuffer doin' its thing. #photoadayjuneDay 5: sign. #photoadayjuneBeautiful scarf (among other things) inside.Do we match, @leahevansnz?Charly scoring the quiz.Got myself a keep cup!Bored/lion (rrarr). 

Dave at Paul’s 30th (post midnight cheat shot) / Stuffing machine at work / Gym / Beautiful scarf from Ma / Comparing dresses with Leah over the internet / Charly scoring the quiz at the joint 30th / My new Keep-cup / SP: Bored lion 


Week Twenty-Four: Days 162-168:

Poor explodey unicorn.Colleague was tired of saying it this morning. Oddly it stopped me sneezing..My best dressmaking project yet. So proud of myself! (yes it has an attached bow in front!)Beating retreat preparations..With the lovely @leahevansnz!Models! #susanshen @miss_boothbyPt. 4: Grease Dance class!Waiting on cab..

Making unicorns explode / Bless you sign from colleague / Dressmaking success / Beating Retreat in London / Coffee with Leah! / Hen night one / Grease dance class / SP: Waiting on a cab


Week Twenty-Five: Days 169-175:

 Banana & chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. I won't manage it all, I don't think!Day 17: in my bag. Wallet, gum, allergy pills, keys, headphones, lipstick, concealer, pen. #photoadayjune #catchingupHarmonising (the rehearsal has moved to mine).Chillin.Early setlist planning for BBC gig...Day 22: from a high angle. #catchingup #photoadayjuneUntitled

Chocolate & Banana cake with Peanut-Butter icing! / Contents of my handbag / Harmonising / [MISSED A DAY] / Chilling / Setlist planning / Lazy morning in bed / SP: Shopping with Dave 


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