Up and running.


Day 12: from a low angle. On the bus to dressmaking. Haven't straightened my hair in ages!Now that all of the categories and formatting is done, the RSS madness will stop.  I apologise if it’s irritated anyone, but hopefully you’ve enjoyed re-reading some of the older posts.

You’ll also notice my signature is now an image, but unfortunately on the RSS it’ll just be a little turquoise box.  On the site itself, it blends in nicely and I’m quite pleased now with the overall appearance of the blog.  Visit the main page just once, will you?  I’m an RSS fan myself, but with the work it takes, I hope some people still browse blogs for their prettiness.

In general news, things are just fine. I lost my voice after just too much singing but it appears to be coming back now, in time for rehearsals tomorrow and Thursday. Details of the Fringe shows I’m in this year will be posted here soon, for Edinburghers.

I’ve also been featured on the soundtrack for Lip Service, and they have also invited me to play at the finale event in Glasgow on July 15th!  What a wild ride.

Dave is temping still, which is great for our budget finally, and will finish July 6th – meaning he’ll only have a week off before he goes into training. Finally.  It’s been 11 months of struggle, but we are finally going to have two balanced salaries, and two steady jobs.  Huzzah!  Pity with all the training/shift work we won’t be able to make the most of it this year with any trips, etc, but we are hoping 2013 will bring us some travels.  I’m planning on picking up Dave from college one weekend and going camping, however!

I’m heading home in October, for most of October, and looking forward to the birthdays and wedding and excitement of it all. I’ll be booking that next month, so hopefully the airlines don’t keep hiking the prices up.

And Dave’s brother and his wee family have arrived from New Zealand for a year, so it’ll be nice having them around for a while.  Now if only the sun would show its face for longer than a day or two…



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