Why I moved.


  • I do actually hate having things all connected to Google. I love them as a company, but find that it is harder and harder to access services running on Google Accounts from all PCs/devices.
  • I liked the templates that were available, and having the ability to add more pages.
  • I love love love the random header. I have uploaded a lot of options, and now every entry looks different. (If you’re on RSS, come visit the blog and refresh a few times).
  • Categories and tags.
  • I like the apps.
  • I felt like a change.

And having the ability to write a post in my lunch break is actually going to result in more banter for you.  So let’s hope this is a positive move!

I have had the blog over here for a week or so now, but it has taken some fine-tuning and some edits, so again, I apologise if you get some old posts, but I hope you like ’em. 

Thanks for following me over to WP.

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