Weeks Twenty & Twenty-One


Blogsy keeps eating things. My post disappeared, so here is another double photo post.

Sunday: 134

Eddie’s Figaro.

Monday: 135

Loving the fridge mount!

Tuesday: 136

Love my thistle.

Wednesday: 137

Postcard from Sarah-Rose.

Thursday: 138

Salad goodness.

Friday: 139

13 years of driving and it’s my first flat tyre.

Saturday: 140

I performed at yet another tribute to Leonard Cohen.


(oops – no self-portrait!)


Sunday: 141

Hearts parade!

Monday: 142

Busted out the shorts after work!

Tuesday: 143

I decorated the desk of my German colleague for her birthday.

Wednesday: 144

More time in the sun after work (it has been a glorious week!)

Thursday: 145

My only free evening in the week was spent multitasking online over 2 devices.

Friday: 146

Waiting on the tyre.

Saturday: 147

We spent a few hours at the beach in North Berwick. Stunning.


At the parade.



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