Weeks Eighteen & Nineteen

Catching up with two weeks at once…
Sunday: 120
New Aztec leggings (that Dave hates, by the way).
Monday: 121
Birthday desk decorations.
Tuesday: 122
Quiet in the morning.
Wednesday: 123
A definite weather improvement!
Thursday: 124
Burkes arrived!
Friday: 125
Waiting in The Clamshell for a deep-fried mars bar.
Saturday: 126
The Falkirk wheel.
About to go collect the Burkes.
Sunday: 127
A cheating after-midnight shot of Sarah-Rose sorting the box she left with me in 2008! (slept most of actual Sunday!)
Monday: 128
“The Works” hot chocolate at the tea house in Stirling!
Tuesday: 129
New candle holders.
Wednesday: 130
Part of my short commute.
Thursday: 131
Dave’s home-made pizza, overseen by Moray the squirrel.
Friday: 132
My colleague Rachael’s ridiculously-good cookies (there are Oreos inside!)
Saturday: 133
Our cute kitchen pots.
Duvet day Saturday.

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