Old, old house. Old, old walls.

Gosh it is sometimes very very depressing to want to buy art and posters and prints and not be able to hang them.

This week I am looking at small prints to hang in our house that has fragile walls and horse hair plaster, where things fall and frames twist and bend and all of my large beautiful pieces sit in frames on the floor or rolled in tubes.


That is all.

One thought on “Old, old house. Old, old walls.

  1. The pain you have, is the pain I feel. Long have I suffered in not being able to place posters upon the walls of my abode. In fact, today was the first day in an age whereupon I did place posters upon my newly created study! I have an amzesome print I am a-waiting frameage and then have high hopes for hanging. Anyway. What? Yeah, sucks. Cos the pretty you bought to see on the walls and then the unable to see on the walls defeats their whole purpose. But not their porpoise. Ahhh whisky.

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