Vroom vroom.

 We have had some just miserable weather lately.  Between bouts of rain and heavy cloud, hail and sleet, there has been the occasional bout of sunshine, but mostly it has looked like this.

Now that I drive to work I feel less dread about it, as I know it’s a quick run to the car from the front door of the office, but back when I was part-walking, part-bus-ing, it was just just awful and every day I’d sigh as it got closer to 5pm and get ridiculously overdramatic about going outside. 

But this is our new toy! 

We’ve had the car a few weeks now (it is still nameless, suggestions are welcome), and it has really been a game changer.  

It’s funny how you adapt so quickly to having your own transport, and start looking down your nose at the prospect of getting the bus.  Edinburgh’s bus system is fantastic (Wellington, take note), but the ease of getting to and from the movies, and more importantly, for me getting to and from work, is well worth it.  I arrive at work at 8:30am (an hour earlier than I used to), in a good mood, and have a chance to get somethings done/wake up before the rest of my team gets in.  

I then leave early, get home or to the gym by 4:45, and am home in time to eat and do whatever we have planned for the evening.  It’s also very cheap to run, and even if I was the only one covering the gas, it would still be cheaper than my bus pass.

It’s also so handy for weekend trips!  I might even go to IKEA on Sunday.

Such a small change in the grand scheme of things, but it has been a big boost to my happiness. Now I’m just waiting for my in-car transmitter to arrive so we can play some tunes from our smartphones… (D’s HTC One arrived today!)

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