Week Fifteen

We had an adventurous week! I went down to London Wednesday night (as in previous post!) and then Friday after my day off, we decided to go to the movies. Unfortunately, Cabin in the Woods was sold out, and I didn’t feel like going home to sit, so we decided to take a drive and ended up climbing Arthur’s Seat! Phew.
Then we took a drive around to South Queensferry to have a drink at the bar our friend Bert works at. Tired, we then headed home.

Saturday, after Dave’s football game, we drove up to Aberfeldy. A 90 minute drive quickly became over 2 hours, after a few wrong turns.  We eventually found a place to have our picnic, at Weem Forest Walk (outside of Aberfeldy, close to Castle Menzies) and ate after 4.
Then we took the forest walk! up up up up up.  It was steep and a bit exhausting but it was fun. Above are a few silly shots we took at the top.  After we got down again, we drove to another town where Dave’s cricket club were playing, and watched for a while. Heading home, we spent about 40 minutes in the house, and then had drinks at Sarah’s.  We slept very well last night.
And here are last week’s shots:

Sunday: 99
Shadow across the floor.
Monday: 100
The inside of my wallet for the photo a day challenge.
Tuesday: 101
My first graze box arrived. Amazeballs.
Wednesday: 102
Train down to London.
Thursday: 103
The London Jewish Museum.
Friday: 104
We were feeling adventurous so decided to finally climb Arthur’s Seat! tough but a good view.
Saturday: 105
Picnic at Weem’s Forest Walk (Perthshire).

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