Lurgy lurgy loo.


Well gosh.  A cold was going around at work for a few weeks, which got to a few of my colleagues. And then last Friday, I suddenly felt like death warmed up. And exhausted.

After a weekend in bed, I went back into the office Monday, to finish some essential work. On arrival I realised the work had been done for me in my absence, but felt I should stick out the day.

Tuesday I went to the Dr, who said I had a virus, and to rest.  I stayed home and felt much better for the afternoon.

Wednesday I went in for training, not feeling good at all.  And then I’ve spent yesterday and today back in bed.

This afternoon I finally feel human.  I forced myself to go out to the store, and get some lunch, and came home hot and shaky from the effort, but after eating felt better. I’ve watched so much Make It Or Break It, One Born Every Minute and Buffy. I’ve seen all the recent US TV episodes, and slept more than I thought I could.

Oh, lurgy. You will not beat me. But gosh, you wore me out. And on Sunday April begins, and I’m going to be starting my 20-in-30 challenge.  20 workouts (either at the gym or at home) in 30 days. And a much better diet. A week of being ill has been totally carbtastic.

Wish me luck!



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