Week Nine


So I intended to write a post all “woe is me” about the fact that Dave’s start date is May and we are really struggling, yada yada. Then last week we finally had two good pieces of financial news: Dave has temp work starting the 12th, and I have a pay rise coming that is more than I expected, and will be paid from April. Exciting stuff.  So! While we are still skint, we are less skint. And soon shall be upgraded to doing okay.

So here’s the week. So many sky shots. (So many pretty days).

Sunday: 57
Recordings have begun!

Monday: 58
Mmm mac ‘n cheese.

Tuesday: 59
Lots of pink cloud in the evenings. A crescent moon.

Wednesday: 60
A gorgeous sunset.

Thursday: 61
Evacuated from Cineworld during Ghost Rider 2. Probably a blessing.

Friday: 62
A good day (see above!).
Saturday: 63 
My wee neighbourhood, on my way back from buying new nail polish at Sally’s.


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