I have no idea what I weigh right now, but I will tell you this:  things fit better. All the magazines say that’s what you should focus on, so I’m focussing on that.  That and I’ve been too lazy to get up earlier to weigh in. I might do that tomorrow.  But I fit size 10-12 with the occasional 10 and still plenty of 12s. Progress.

My back feels firmer. My collarbone is more visible, though it pretty much always has been. I don’t have a six pack but my waistline is getting smaller. That’s going to need the most work.

My thighs are alien to me. I honestly sometimes look at my legs, baffled that they’re mine, after hating them for such a long time. Short skirts and shorts are in my future.

My arms have always been small but feel taut.  My hips still feel.. doughy, but I imagine I’ll work on them in time.  I might might MIGHT wear a two piece swimsuit again without wanting to die inside.

And I’ve always been small. I know I’m not some elephant. But a lot of it is in your own head most of the time, and if I’m feeling more confident, that’s pretty huge for me.

I feel.. optimistic. Hopeful. A running theme for 2012.

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