Week Three


Not a huge update today. I officially got word during the week that I am not being taken further on my application for a great job (internally, at my charity). At first it sucked really bad, and then I realised, you know what? this attitude doesn’t fit with my 2012 of positivity. So I missed out! I still have a job when so many don’t. And though my job is not a massive challenge, at the moment that’s a good thing. I am about to get a (company-wide) rise in pay, I don’t work long hours, I have a huge amount of autonomy, and best of all? I just helped our team hire a friend who has been out of work for 6 months.

I’ll worry later on about all that for me. Just now I’m focused on hopefully receiving Dave’s confirmation for the Police soon, and am writing a fun list of what I can do with all my free time come April, when he is away at Training College.

Here are the photos for the week.

Sunday: 15
A fluke shot from the bus on a stunning Edinburgh day.
Monday: 16
A lovely wintry sunrise.
Tuesday: 17
A much-needed soak.

Wednesday: 18
A new favourite blouse which was a hit at the office.

Thursday: 19
The canal outside the office. Brr. Been a frosty week.

Friday: 20
I took advantage of an opportunity to work out of Stenhouse Mansion for the morning.
Saturday: 21
Sadly, due to a broken frame, my canvas Klimt knock-off is lying in the corner of the living room.
Exhausted Kat.

2 thoughts on “Week Three

  1. 1. You look so grumpy! Hee.2. So glad I'm behind the times so I can read this being all "she doesn't even know he's being accepted yet!" like I know a secret that past-Kat doesn't.3. Stenhouse Mansion looks amazing. Can we go there?4. it's officially 99 days until we get to Edinburgh!!!

  2. 1. Yes! I was. But it was the only shot I had, so I made the most of it.2. I did know at the time of writing! we knew on the 12th. But we're waiting for the letter.3. Sadly, it's an unused office. In a smallish mansion. In a shitty area. I can show you the outside, though!4. YAYYY!!

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