Week Two

Sunday: 8
Cold, dreich day. Perfect for staying inside.
Monday: 9
Lots of great sunrises and sunsets at the moment, due to the days getting longer again, and the lack of clouds/rain/snow.  My morning walk has been a lot prettier.
Tuesday: 10
First bath in what became a 3-bath week! I’m really taking advantage so far this year.
Wednesday: 11 
Slightly stressed-out, cold, in need of bubbles.


Thursday: 12

What started as a freezing morning became a really, really good day.


Friday: 13

Stunning morning coming over the canal bridge to work (no filters or effects on this one).
Saturday: 14
Dave’s latest delectable offering: the Sausage & Egg McBagel. What he calls “jewing up” breakfast.  The sausage is the Scottish flat beef lorne sausage. Mmmm.  Great with ketchup!
Allergies pretty much took over Saturday.

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