2012: Week One

My very talented and creative friends, Sarah-Rose and Chris, are involved in Project 365: a photography exercise where you take a photo every day, a self-portrait for each week and post them up at the end of the week.
I did this for months in 2009? 2010? before giving up, as I just didn’t have the time, camera or energy to get properly involved in this.  One of my hopeful goals for the year is to acquire a DSLR, even entry-level, and take a photography course. I know from my ex-photog father that I have a good eye, so I want to really know how to make the best of a good camera and capture my life.
At the moment, however, I’m relying on Instagram.  I can’t promise there’ll be amazing shots until I have a better camera, but those who do not follow me on Instagram may enjoy the shots I am taking at the moment.  Here is Week One. 
Sunday: 1
 A cheating shot, slightly, as this was taken at 12:01am on 1st January, capturing everyone circling the room for hugs and kisses. Happy New Year!
Monday : 2
 Susie’s Christmas tree. Every year it’s bigger than the last.
Tuesday: 3
I decided to clean and sort our drawers. Oddly fulfilling.
Wednesday: 4
A particularly fascinating recipe in my Scottish Recipe book for sheep’s head stew.
Thursday: 5
Sunset shot from the office.
Friday: 6
Making Dave birthday jelly.
Saturday: 7
Dave’s birthday was spent mostly in bed, as I had slept badly and he was engrossed in his present from me: a Kindle.
Obsessed with wrap dresses.

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