Well it’s here! the end of the world is nigh, bitches. Well not really. I think maybe the Mayans couldn’t fit much past 23rd December, 2012, on their charts, and thought, “That’s really really far away. Go with that.”

I do like the X Files tie-in to the date, however, so we shall see. We may be invaded yet.

Like it was for many others, 2011 was not a great year for me/us. Financially, emotionally, etc, it was hard. We both lost our jobs last year, and while I found another, I haven’t really found it fulfilling or challenging in the slightest. There is no way I was/am going to genuinely complain, as it’s a freaking job, and so many are without one. But. Hey.

I have applied for an exciting role that I would actually enjoy going into the office for, so fingers crossed.   Dave is of course in the Police recruitment process, and we hear about that on the 12th. Which I’m kinda shitting myself about. It should be a positive day, and he will be an excellent cop, but if he doesn’t get it, then.. well, shit. I don’t know what we’ll do from there. But at least he can explore permanent job options.

And I’d love to say that our lives are dependant on other factors, but well, our lives are kinda in limbo on this one thing. So if he gets in, and/or I get my role (his would be enough), everything changes. Everything. And while it’s mainly to do with money (we can afford to travel and live a little easier, and we can go home every now and then), more importantly, the biggest change would be that we stay here. Which is scary and exciting all at once. I’ve never been 100% sold on living in Edinburgh long-term, but for this? and for him? in a heartbeat. And if it means we have a better life and a better future, then I am willing to do it. He’s my family now.

It’s scary thinking that by then I will have spent more than half of my twenties living in Scotland.

So here’s hoping. Plan B may be right around the corner. But if things come through for us, then well. 2012 might just be a good year.

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