Switched off


I have a 3 episode rule when it comes to new TV shows. It has 3 episodes to impress me (as to be honest, some pilots are pants), and if I still like it, I’ll stick with it. Sadly, some shows haven’t made the cut.

Couldn’t stick with it:
Gossip Girl: To quote the internet – WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN. I gave it 2.5 episodes then changed to something decent. I just couldn’t cope with the ridiculousness.
True Blood: I also tried. And this is one I might go back to, I think, but I was just.. bored by it. Go Anna, though.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Why oh why! I just didn’t find it funny. In fact, I found it kinda vapid and offensive. And I was kinda annoyed that people I like recommended this to me.
Supernatural – Yeah, I may love The X Files, but this just doesn’t give me the same joy. Maybe because there’s no sexual tension between two brothers. Or well, anyone on this show. And no redheads.

Barely tolerate:
An Idiot Abroad – I know this is apparently for real, but yeesh. Occasionally amusing, I usually skip past the beginning or well, any moments with Ricky Gervais, as the minute that man laughs I want to stick knitting needles in my ears.
Whitney – Previously mentioned I know, but don’t worry, this’ll get its own post.

New Zealand’s next top Model – So apathetic I haven’t capitalised it correctly. The accents make me cry a little.

Sick of the spazzes:
Doctor Who? – Okay. What actually put me off was the fact that I loved the sort of boyish, silly Doctor from when I was wee (and my mother watched it) and Eccleston just didn’t fit. Then the lovely David Tennant came in, but the show had Catherine Tate, who seems to be oddly popular, but I just can’t stand her. And after that? I just didn’t feel I could be bothered.
Vampire Diaries – Too many vampires, people. Too many vampire-lore… things. Get over it, Twihards.
Keeping Up with the Kardashians – Kill me, kill me now.
The Real Housewives of.. well, anywhere – Fuck. Right. Off.
2 and a Half Men – Never got the hype. Do not understand it. It is the least funny show on television with terrible, terrible acting (apart from Melanie Lynskey – reprazent!) and ridiculous overdone comedy. Charlie Sheen is the most forced actor/comedian I’ve ever seen and I have no idea why people bought his shit for so long.
Completely opposite post to come another day soon on shows that should not have been cancelled, as well as those that have jumped the shark…

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