The box.


Man do I know a lot of film nuts. I spent my teenage years with a core group of guy friends who were nearly all filmmakers, or involved in the process in some way. In particular Chris, Rajeev and Andy made short film after short film, and they just got better and better. Eventually they formed ICW Productions (An Indian, a Chinaman and a White Guy Walk into a Bar Productions) and some of their work can be found here.


The reason I bring this up is because I’ve been going a LOT lately.


I’ve always enjoyed going to the movies. I spent many nights with that same good group of friends going to the cinema on a regular basis, though sometimes I’d pull out when finances were tight. Now I live in Edinburgh and have £14.99/month unlimited film-going, Dave and I are there at least once, sometimes three times a week – there’s no way If I lived at home now I’d be going to so many films (which makes me sad – NZ, bring in a similar system!). It means we get to see the good (Drive), the bad (What’s Your Number) and the odd (The Tree of Life) releases, and we definitely go to films we wouldn’t otherwise choose, simply because we’re “not paying for it”. With film prices being £7-8/ticket, we really only have to go twice a month to get our money’s worth, and we’re definitely out-doing that. My film-making friends would love it, and would undoubtedly be seeing and reviewing everything that comes out.

For me, however, my true love? is TV. It gets looked down at by film geeks, but I just love it. Give me a TV show with great characters, a good narrative, an interesting premise… I’m there. (Especially if it’s Whedon). There’s just something about following a character week to week, falling in love with them and their writing, and continuing to obsess for seasons on end. Knowing there is more coming next week.

To be honest, though, I can’t remember the last time I watched shows on actual television. Obviously if I’m sick in bed or lazing on a Sunday I can put the TV on, but I’m much more likely to grab my laptop and download or streaming TV. Don’t get me wrong, if the show’s good, I’ll buy the DVDs, but the idea of being able to watch TV at my own pace, when I can fit it in (usually before bed), or share it with Dave, is great. And I have also almost always lived in countries where shows are released on delay, sometimes by days, sometimes by months. Sometimes shows just never make it to TV. And without buying a TiVo, I can’t imagine how I would keep up with them anyway.

TV got me through a lot of tough times in my life. Break-ups, serious illnesses, deaths. Depression and anxiety are always at the corner of the room, staring me down. But I dive right in to my favourites, and I can escape, cheer myself up, focus on something positive or creative, rather than what’s going on in my head.

I use a site that many may be familiar with, called Sidereel. It tracks all of my favourite shows for me so I know where I’m at and tells me when the next episode is on/released in the US. It also has links to streaming sites which are reliable most of the time. I can do without their “web series” and the presenting/info videos they do, but I do enjoy the interface and tracking system which is pretty awesome. At the moment I’m tracking… 50 shows. Some of them have concluded or been cancelled a long time ago and I’m just re-watching or catching up (Friends, Veronica Mars, Seinfeld), and others are brand new.

I will always love television. The box. The teevee. And I think I’ll start blogging about it, when I can. There are some excellent new shows that I’m enjoying, as well as the old and familiar that I love, and I think it’s worth sharing my thoughts when I have time. No promises. Though I am about to have a lot more time on my hands.

Until next time, folks: same time, same channel…

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