ANTM All Stars: Episode 4


As one of the few reality shows I watch (okay, five), I was so excited to see the show is back, as it has been one of my firm favourites since its beginning. But I hadn’t been following any press beforehand, so had no idea it was going to be an “All Stars”. Old familiar faces are back, such as Lisa (“I peed in the diaper”), Isis (post sex-change), Bianca and oh dear lord, my two least favourites ever: Angelea and Alexandria.

So! For this season I would like the results to be:

Winner: Kayla

Runner Up: Laura

But in reality going by decent models, it could also go to Alison (with her beautiful doe eyes), which I’d be happy with.

EPISODE 4 (will contain spoilers):

In episode 4 the models left are: Two-faced Alexandria, Angelic Shannon, Doe-eyed Allison, Crazy ghetto Angelea, Fiesty Bianca, Bat-shit crazy Lisa, Soft Bre, Sweet Southern Laura, “Signature walk” Camille, Androgenous Dominique and well, Kayla. The only defining nickname I can give her is “lesbian” (which they talk about far too much) and well, I like her better than that. Bad-ass Kayla. Let’s go with that.

Unfortunately this round seems more like a “reality show” with personalities about starting careers and creating drama, rather than finding/launching a good new model. I feel there are very few decent actual models on it.

What did you think of the Kayla medication thing? Honestly I’m leaning towards just taking the wrong thing and panicking. Cardiac arrhythmia? really? It’s so cute that Laura went to the hospital with her. Bianca taking over and looking after her was super-sweet at the beginning, though.
CSI audition! I know the ratings are probably in the toilet these days, so it amused me that CSI was involved in ANTM at all. (Star quote – Kayla: “Man, half the words are longer than my face.”) The challenge was pretty hilarious to watch, with them all forgetting the “big words”. Like seriously. I know models are supposed to be dumb by stereotype, but dude. They weren’t the hardest words. And holy shit, Angelea, who I consider dumber than a box of bricks, handled it just great. Damnit. The last thing I want is for her to win. But go, Bre! She nailed it too and rightfully won the part.
And then there was Lisa. She just swears whenever she messes up. It’s brilliant. The sooner that chick is gone, the better. Crrrrrrrazy.
The Express shoot: Bianca ruined all of the admiration I had for her earlier by doing the whole “I’m the model” thing. Honey, just do what you’re told. Don’t get too big for your boots just yet.
Also, Camille talking about her age and how she won’t have as many chances was a ridiculous build-up to her going home. To me from the beginning there was a little bit of a focus on her and it made me stop and think it was going to be her. Her photo was pretty bad, but I think Alexandria’s was just as bad. Bye, Camille. Your skin is glorious. Your walk, is not.
Another good ep.. I’ve also switched on to New Zealand’s Next Top Model again and oh dear lord, the accents. I love my homeland and miss it a lot, but yeesh. Give me a bad weegie accent any day over that kind of New Zullund voice.

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