Catching up


I’m lying in bed here on a Sunday at 7:30 at night, mainly because I only got up earlier to have “brunch” with D (at 4:30) and then got back in here. Between episodes of Friends, I’m trying to catch up on the internet.

Dave is in the living room watching football some sort of sport, while his “stew for the week” simmers away (and smells lovely), and is hammering away at his new cricket bat. Yes. It needs to be bashed on by another bat with a cricket ball stuck to it to get it to be… more good. Or something. I don’t know. All I know is that every now and then he hammers in a little rhythm of some kind and I giggle and so he does it again.
We’re living that sort of in-between life again, where one of us is (almost) out of work and I’m planning our finances down to the pennies and wondering if any of the plans I had for my own money are going to pan out. At work at the moment I’m just keeping my head down and getting on with it, as though I don’t love it, I’m just sticking with it as best I can until I can improve it in some way. The last thing we need is for my own employment stability to crumble.
We spent a good chunk of the wee hours of this morning at a comedy/music/sketch gig here in the Festival called Spank! which was at the Udderbelly (venue shaped like a giant upside-down cow) and I didn’t get in til 5am, which is nothing short of miraculous for me, post-meningitis. (I napped). The gig was pretty great, to be honest, and we’re hoping to see a few of the acts again.
I sometimes feel like a bit of an Edinburgh failure, as I don’t go to a lot of things in the over-populated festival, and I hate crowds and get panic attacks, and I don’t apply to do a lot of the open mic/showcase gigs they have in it, as it means I end up performing 2 songs at 4am on a Tuesday. Which I just can’t cope with. But I enjoy some aspects of the festival, and I like getting together with our friends, who we don’t see that much, and it’s sometimes annoying how August always seems to be the month I am most skint. I’ll need to save next year.
Otherwise, life is ticking along. We are hopeful for a new opportunity for Dave and a more stable lifestyle for us to come. And if not, we’ll weather that, as always.

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