What’s so amazing about really deep thoughts?


Alternatively titled: “Blog posts that never happened”.

I’m glad I had 2 summers this year. It’s just a pity they were not in Edinburgh. 1 in New Zealand, 1 in Spain. Ahhhh, Spain. Spain is wonderful. Barcelona was always on my list, but I totally loved it 200x more than I was expecting. And Spanish! I picked up enough that was actually useful, and think I’ll keep listening to my podcast.
The Fringe show has been going really well. We had our 3rd night tonight (5th and 6th show) and the audiences were the best yet. Very enthusiastic. Tomorrow night D comes again, with most of our friends.
I had a bit of a debt milestone today. It made me very excited and hopeful for the first time in ages.
However, Dave finishes up in a few weeks. So we’ll be skint again.
New iPhone in… 50 days!
I can’t wait for my hair to be long again. I bought a really good Babyliss curling wand for curls for the show and think it’ll be awesome to create waves in long hair. I also successfully dyed my own blonde regrowth, by putting a John Frieda medium blonde in it. Go me. Saved myself about £60.
Starting to wonder when I’m going to see my family again..
Need to get some more gigs.
TV shows that are freaking awesome: Game of Thrones and Parks and Rec (from season 2 onwards. Though you may need to watch season 1 to “get” it, it’s a bit too The Office-y).
Realllllly want to quit and have babies. Bored of working life.
I like money, though.
Wish I knew what the next few years hold, but the fun will be in the events that unravel.

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