Notes from the duvet


I’m sitting in bed trying not to laugh or breathe too hard as it sends me into a coughing fit. It has been a crazy week or so, with weddings both Saturday 14th and 21st May, and I have been more and more unwell since the first one. I think it’s a chest infection, but whatever it is, it’s annoying, and I want to get it gone soon.

Last night was the wedding of Neil and Sarah, the first of our wee Edinburgh “group” to tie the knot. I was disappointed to leave at 9pm to come home to bed, but was hot and shivery and just generally not very good company. I’ve never been shy in regards to my health situation, so most people know that my immune system is shit, and may never recover, but it does have the tendency to piss me off occasionally by making me miss nice occasions.
Other than this, things are fine. Work is going well, the weather has been unseasonably warm (but now insanely windy all the time) and I’m back into dressmaking and a new show. The Fringe show is a revue of jukebox musical songs (Mamma Mia, We Will Rock You, etc) and I get a solo in this one. So fingers crossed all goes well.
It’s only taken 2 years, but I feel like I have a real life here and I’m not so much pretending anymore. I think having a home I really like helps a lot, and I have joined a gym and started a full workout plan, which apart from the spanner in the works that is my health, has been great so far. Here’s to improving my fitness and figure over the summer.
I’ll have some photos to share soon, mainly of Dan/Renee’s visit here around my birthday, and I’ll try and catch up a little with my photos of the day, which I’m still taking when I can.
Now to use this time in bed to catch up on Google Reader, as I’m a month behind on gossip..

2 thoughts on “Notes from the duvet

  1. Yes yes 0 I knew you'd take Edinburgh by storm. Also! I want photos of your sewing projects. Considering I can barely hem jeans I think this is amazing. Yes. Photos. I am demanding but you don't mind, right? Right.(this comment was brought to you by 1 (one) strong coffee)

  2. Um well I've only completed a skirt so far but I am partway through a dress, so I'll definitely show you when that's done!Hemming is so handy with a machine.. and all the holes in my leggings..xx

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