Yesterday morning when my mother texted me to say there had been another massive earthquake in Christchurch, my heart leapt to my throat. But I genuinely, sincerely didn’t think anyone was dead. Last time no one died, right?

And then I got her next message, and the toll was at 65. Disbelief filled my mind and I immediately logged onto when I arrived at work. Unbelievable photos of the wreckage and stories of loss and buildings collapsing, and the spire of the cathedral falling down.
Now it’s at 75, with 300 missing and maybe 100 trapped in the CTV building. My heart is breaking for Christchurch and for New Zealand and all I can do is sit and watch the updates on Stuff and follow Twitter and try not to cry at work. It’s devastating, and it’s affecting me far more than I expected.
Kiwis have the innate ability to just get in and help when help is needed, and the offers of housing, sending of food and supplies and general support everyone is giving each other is amazing. I am so homesick, so confused and just generally mourning for the hundreds we have possibly lost, but I am so proud of New Zealand and its people, and so proud to call myself a Kiwi.
I love you, New Zealand. I miss you and I know you’ll pull through this, and if I wasn’t so ridiculously broke/in debt, I’d send some money to you.
If you can help, though, I know they’d appreciate it: how to donate.

Edit: A good list of appeal funds here.

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