Movin out.


So above is the list of what needs cleaning before we move out. When you’re relying on the deposit to come back from your old flat to be able to afford the deposit on your new flat, cleaning is pretty important.

But there is so much. Like seriously. When you live somewhere, you don’t think about what’s under the bed or in the storage cupboard, or the cobwebs in the top corner of the living room. You don’t examine every part of the carpet, every edge of the windows and dust all of the power points. So it’s a fun time.
Also, it’s a pain in the ass living in a furnished apartment sometimes. While it’s handy as hell to not have to buy/move furniture, it’s so much easier when you’re moving out to just get all the furniture out and then clean the hell out of the place. But no, we have to clean around/under the furniture, as well as the furniture itself.
We also decided we’re going to buy a new rug (and most likely a shower curtain if I can’t get the little bit of mould off), as a carpet cleaner is going to cost more than a new rug from IKEA, and mould can be freaking stubborn.
Oh the joy. I have spoken to: Barclays/Smile (our banks), H&M accounting, O2, BBC magazines, Atlantic Electric/gas, Virgin Media and the Council. Dave has to call? Orange. And maybe go into Barclays to make sure the address is changed on his half of the joint account (bizarre system).
And I’m glad we moved a whole lot already, as Friday is going to be all about cleaning and moving the last few pieces. The 25th is going to be a bigger move, what with the bed from Ann’s and the chairs she is giving us. We’re probably going to hire a van, but I haven’t actually organised that yet..
At least it’s distracting me from the joblessness! or nearly joblessness. A few opportunities in the pipeline but no joy yet.

2 thoughts on “Movin out.

  1. Oh lord I HATE having to clean so damn thoroughly. I remember panicking about washing the walls at Hall Cres and not getting them completely clean – and then the landlady didn't even notice!It must be so much more annoying in a furnished flat.

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