It’s gonna be a happy new year..


Last night at rehearsals for RENT, we went over Happy New Year A & B (as I am now also playing Mrs Cohen) and now that line is stuck in my head.

And hell, it’s going to be a happy one!
I had all these plans for posts I was going to write before this one (and many drafts saved), but this is in my head to write now, so it’s going to come out today. Here is my new plan for..
My fabulous new life

Oh yes, ladies and gents. I’ve decided 2011 is going to be about sparkles, rainbows, happy times and being more carefree. I’m going to emulate Audrey Hepburn and all that.
* Award for Ridiculous/obvious break-through of the year so far: my hobbies keep my depression at a much more manageable level. (I always ponder whether manageable or managable is more correct when I type it. I know you use the e, but it looks like manag-e-able. Anyhoo, I digress). Hobbies: I return to ballet (moved up a class) tonight, went back to rehearsals last night after my holiday, go back to dressmaking on Monday, and still of course love photography and blogging, even if I neglect them (and need a new camera!).
* One month until our move, so I’m going to start packing, organising, and tossing crap out. The new place is going to give us more space to breathe, a garden, an area for our PC/piano, and sure, plenty of new bills. But I don’t care. I’m so looking forward to the quiet!
* My new haircut rules. Oh yes it does.
* We’ve had this new regime so far of going to bed early and getting up early (because of jetlag) and I have actually felt good and normal and able to cope in the mornings and better at work and everything. Ugh! I’ve been trying to do this for years, and finally been forced into it, and now I’m thinking I’m such a fool for doing it wrong for so long (although I still think Sarah-Rose is insane for her morning regime). Which leads me to..
* I think I might get a coffeemaker for the new place. Yay caffeine before work in the morning! (cue Dave rolling his eyes).
* I’m going to plan what I wear for work a bit better, and actually use my StyleBook app for this purpose. Although, more separates for work are required! Right now it’s dress or bust, or trousers and a small selection of tops, or purple skirt with said small selection of tops. Thank God for H&M and their cheap selections, which I’ll be buying on account over the next month or so.
* My hair is also super easy to style, as long as dry it after washing. I’ll need more regular cuts, though.
* My diet so far has been going well over the last month, thanks to the flu/lurgi ruining my appetite for weeks. I have no idea what I currently weigh, but I’ll be back on the WiiFit tonight. I’ve said this every year for a long time, but I really really actually want to get fighting fit this year. I feel better when I have exercise in my life, and this year it’ll be Pilates, WiiFit, maybe running again (as I do enjoy it once I’m in a rhythm), and ballet. If I want to be hot for a few years before I ruin, er, change my body with babies, now is the time to do it. And hell, we’re planning…
* Holidays! Yay! My folks are apparently donating to our trip fund (to thank us for using up so much holiday and money to come out to them in December) and I’m hoping to go to Rome for my birthday. And then we are due to go to Barcelona at the end of July for Dave’s cousin’s wedding. Might be a few days up north of Barcelona, then a few days in the city. Other than that, we’ll just wait and see.
I hope all you lovely people are well and happy, and I’ll be posting some photos soon. I did start Project 365 again for 2011, and will be updating Flickr as well. Sadly, I’ve been a bit obsessed with Instagram for iPhone, so a lot of my shots for the beginning of the year were on that, rather than my camera, but I’ll be dusting off the camera and carrying it around with me more this year.
It’ll be my own little happiness project, 2011. You’re going to hate me for my positivity. And hopefully lots of lame puns that’ll make Dave give me that face.
(Can’t wait to read this next January and scoff at my optimism! Kat, you are a dork!)

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