Random thoughts today, while I still get my shit together.

I am aware that I have weeks of photos to sort through so that I can catch up on my weekly posts. I have other posts to write and things to say.

I’m excited about my new Jewish blog. I have many posts planned and started.
Sickness + ballet + dressmaking + trips + being the only one at work = overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed is my biggest problem in general just now. My trip home is coming up very quickly and I have much to buy and sort, and the snow is wonderful but the closer it gets, it’s freaking me out. Edinburgh airport cannot close on Christmas Eve. I will not be able to afford a train.
I have not lost any weight. I’ve been too… overwhelmed/busy/tired to exercise properly. So I’m going home to summer with all this excess. I can’t say I’m really looking forward to the family comments!
I have songs I have to finish over the next few weeks and months, and the long periods of darkness make time feel so much shorter.
What I really need is a good list to gather my thoughts properly together and get productive. That is my plan for tonight. Once I get home. If I don’t fall on my ass on the ice.
-9C/16F just now apparently. Brrr. I’d hate winter without Dave to snuggle up to.

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