Day Nineteen: Nicknames

Day 19- Nicknames you have and why you have them

I have had many nicknames over the years!

Kat – The obvious first one began at around 13, when I started playing an online MUD (yes, I’m a nerd) and wanted to try and be a little private about my real name (the internet is a scary place, y’all!). I’d had this odd obsession with the name Katarina for as long as I can remember.. it just seemed so grand and romantic and exotic compared to Katie. I was nervous about revealing too much about myself at the time, so I decided to adopt it, and it spun from there. I started using it more and more with online accounts and then more in real-life situations, and then… well, the rest is history. I adopted the stage name Kat McKenzie for songwriting at around the same time.

Stargirl – Coined by my big brother when I was looking for a name for the MUD. Love stars. Enough said, really.

Gypsy – Blame Davinia for this one. Her favourite Fleetwood Mac song was Gypsy, and she sort of saw me as a nomad and free spirit. I’m unfortunately a lot more grounded and less hippyish than I was as a teenager, but I still like the name and have used it a little on and off.

Kitkat, kittykat – Yeah. Pretty self-explanatory. Many a user of these and other cat-related jokes.

Kate/flossy/chick – My mother only.
Sis – My brother only.
Katie-potatie – My sister (and now her children) only.

Can’t think of any others but people are very fond of giving them to me, so this may be amended at a later date…

4 thoughts on “Day Nineteen: Nicknames

  1. It took me years and years to get around to calling you Kat all the time. Now it feels odd to call you Katie.I'm hoping the same thing happens with me going by Sarah-Rose instead of just Sarah. But people are generally less likely to start using names which are LONGER than the one they are used to. At least no one calls me Sars. On pain of death.I don't know when or why I started calling you (only ever occasionally) Katrinka. Really, no idea at all. But it is fun to say!

  2. I was going to mention Katrinka but you had put it in your post and it's pretty occasional, as you say. I do like it, btw. :)I just can't think of you as Sarah, either! funny.

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