Day Twelve: Blogging

Day 12- How you found out about blogging, and why you have one

Well. That’s all really thanks to the lovely

I began using the internet in 1997, after my brother brought home a decent PC, starting playing a MUD and told me: “You’re not allowed”. So of course, I played it.

In 1999, a friend there (who I cannot recall for the life of me) linked me to Pamie’s blog, which at the time I think was known as squishy, rather than just Pamie’s writing amused me greatly, and it was one of the first blogs where I felt I could connect to the writer, despite us having a little bit of an age difference.

I started reading TelevisionWithoutPity at some point after that, and then realised that Pamie was one of the folks writing the recaps. From there I realised I wanted to read both, so I started following Pamie, as well as many of the other writers on the blogs. (AB Chao is another recap-ist who cracks me up, and I love seeing videos of Pam and AB together).

The amazing thing about blogging, is that strangers from the other side of the world can feel some pretty powerful emotions after reading your site for a while. The fact that a blog is like a diary where you share your innermost thoughts, means that people think they know you, and after a while feel a bit stalkery. But I laughed (and identified) with Pamie’s klutziness, loved her cats and her geekiness, felt like crying when things went badly for her, felt so happy on her wedding day, learned about roller derby, and bought all of her books (yes, Pam’s a novelist, too!).

As Pam’s life and career got busier, the diary entries changed to less personal diary-like entries and became stories/anecdotes. Youtube videos emerged, such as the great “activating” series, the video of the lesbian party night with Cat and what followed in the car afterwards (as well as a hilarious video of them trying to cook or bake, I think? that I watched and laughed until I cried), and then.. Twitter, which now lets fans talk to bloggers/celebrities directly, which does feel a bit odd at times as you know a lot about a person, but you are essentially a stranger to them. I don’t send many tweets to her, though, as I still feel like a crazy ridiculous stalker.

As a kid I always loved to write, so inspired by Pamie, I started my own websites at 13/14 where I wrote a lot of my thoughts down and always tried to be entertaining and insightful. I started a livejournal in 2003 2001, started this blog in 2005, and there you have it. I hardly think I’m as good of a blogger as Pamie was/is, and hell, Sarah-Rose has a better written blog than me, but I really enjoy it. I feel like it’s cathartic and helps me express myself, and being one of those creative types, I get all weird if I can’t express myself and get some things out.

So yeah. Pam, when you find this, don’t worry. I’m a harmless Kiwi girl living in Scotland. I’m just a klutzy, silly, geeky person who loves to write.

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