Day Nine: Something I’m Proud Of


Day 9- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

I had a good think yesterday about things on my way home.

You see, I complain a lot (to myself, in my own head) about how things are not exactly what I want at this stage in my life, and how I want to change it. And due to finances and time and energy, I never really get around to fixing things or making it how I see it.

But lately? Many things I needed to accomplish have been sorted:

** I have been aiming for 1 gig a month minimum. I may be a performer, but I’ve been so ridiculously low in confidence over the past few years that the idea of trying to book these things and approach bars and clubs and musicians was a bit terrifying. But! I’ve had 3 successful gigs since June, might have 2 in October and a Holiday-themed one towards the end of the year.

** I’m going back to dance and starting to work out again.

** I’ve bought cabling for more gigs and a mic stand to start properly recording again.

** I’ve organised our budget, so that we can survive and know our limits.

** I have researched flats to buy, so that we can start looking.

** I’m soon to start learning something I’ve wanted to learn for a loooong time: dressmaking.

I have a job I enjoy (most of the time), a nice flat, a great boyfriend, an iPhone, piano/equipment, new mini laptop, great camera, small video camera for gigs and living, bike, wonderful Jewish community/shul, great work colleagues, blogs/sites/connections I’m proud of… there is so much to be grateful for; so many reasons to be proud. I just have to take a step back and appreciate it way more often, and stop complaining or wishing for things I don’t have.

It’ll all work out wonderfully in the end, and we won’t be broke forever. I just have to remember to be patient, to make the most out of everything and just take life one day at a time.

See? I’m adjusting. I’m growing up. I’m human, after all. Thank heaven for that.


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