Day Eight: Short term goals


Day 8- Short term goals for this month and why

Yeah. It’s already September 15th. I guess if it was September 8th this would be easier and make more sense, but we’re halfway through. But some goals for the next wee bit, anyway!


* Master my hair. Oh the new crop. How you tease me. You kink up when I wash you, you boof up in the mornings. I will tame you. My new wax will help.

* Start exercising again. Regularly. The poor Wii Fit that I pined and pined for has been neglected for quite a while. I must get back into a routine of doing it for a decent stretch when I get home, and adding some pilates into the mix. I used to love doing pilates. I don’t know why I’m so lazy. Well, I love being lazy. But, I need to get going. My body is confused and wobbly from all this chocolate lately.

* Start making clothes! I start a dressmaking course on the 27th September. I am ridiculously excited, even though it’s awkward to get to and I might have to lug a sewing machine around. But yay! I might be able to actually make my own dresses!

* Ballet, darling. I start dancing classes again on the 30th. It has been a while, but I’m really excited to be getting back into it. It should help with the waistline, too.

* New spending plan. Every other month I have to be cheap. If it’s that damn pretty, it just has to wait. And just spending money because I have it is foolish. (I’m starting this next month, of course, after I buy some brogues). If I save some, I’ll be able to do some good exchange rate shopping in NZ, anyway.

* Photography. I love taking photos. Hell, I think I’m quite good at it. But I’ve relied on my iPhone for a long time now, and I need to change that. This means copying my lovely Sarah-Rose, and taking my camera everywhere. I am slightly concerned that I’ll come off of my bike and squish it, though (not that I’ve been actually cycling in the past few weeks!).


Well. What a well-rounded and creative individual I’ll be if I accomplish these things! (aside from the exercise – I hopefully won’t be well-rounded. Hee hee. Oh shut up.)



One thought on “Day Eight: Short term goals

  1. Good luck!I had the same trouble when I had a chin-length bob. In retrospect, I think it needed to be thinning to control the poof. Even then though, I found it was too much work. The worst part was that it wasn't long enough to throw in a ponytail. So much for an easy short 'do!

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