Day Six: Superheroes

Day 6- Favorite superhero and why

I… really don’t know.

I have spent 11 years of my life being friends with a group of guys who are very into comic books, superheroes and at times, action figures (I’m looking at you, Andy). I understand why liking these things is fun, but I’ve never liked the supernatural superheroes like Spiderman or the Incredible Hulk. It’s fun to watch, but I’m not going out to grab it on DVD to keep forever. If I’m allowed to go a little outside the box for my pick, my favourite superhero would be Buffy.

Chosen to be the one girl in her generation that fights and kills the vampires, she is given superhuman strength and dexterity and you know what? she didn’t ask for it. She was just this sassy, popular teenager and one day, everything changed. Over the series you see her struggle with this. She doesn’t just do it because she has to. She struggles with being chosen to always be the one to save the day.

I suppose the real hero here is Joss Whedon, who consistently writes amazing female characters, because he feels there aren’t enough of them out there. But I’m not going to start fangirling about him today.

And yes, I have the Buffy DVD box, comic books and action figures.

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